A 25-year veteran of Quicken Loans, Shawn Krause was given the tremendous responsibility of figuring out the company’s role and growing its influence in Washington, D.C. after the recession. With no background in government affairs, she began at square one by familiarizing herself with the political structure, lending and finance policy.

Spearheading the effort, Shawn quickly grew the company’s team in Washington by listening to and understanding the industry. She had experience in nearly every position at Quicken Loans – from loan processor to capital markets to technology.  Shawn was new to government affairs, but she emphasizes it is the role that suits her the best. “I’m passionate about making sure decision makers have all the facts,” Shawn explains. “It’s about the future of our industry and an investment in it as well.”

Shawn’s passion for policy and change go beyond her role at Quicken. She underlines the importance of starting locally in order to create change. “As a business owner you should know who your lawmakers are, you should go to rallies, want to understand, and most importantly you should care,” she stresses.

For those beginning their political activism Shawn suggests joining an association like NAHREP that will guide the process. “Create and retain relationships with those you meet along the way, especially with your congressional representative,” she says. “Keep in touch throughout the year to update them on what their constituents and the industry are experiencing, and what they want from them as leaders. You can’t complain if you don’t get involved.”

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