The Hispanic Wealth Project


The Hispanic Wealth Project is a plan to build a blueprint for Hispanic wealth creation: to identify the specific assets in which Hispanic wealth can be accumulated, to support Hispanic access to such assets, to guide the stewardship of such assets, and to begin a dialogue around wealth for Hispanic communities that raises ambitions, brings focus to pursuits that may lead to greatness and embraces the tangible metrics by which Hispanic achievements can be counted.

The Hispanic Wealth Project focuses on programs, policies and initiatives that:


  • Increase current Hispanic homeownership rates
  • Elevate sustainability in advancing homeownership outcomes
  • Promote Hispanic access to market-rate mortgage financing
  • Examine population migration patterns and housing stock alignment
  • Encourage outreach by U.S. financial service provides to Hispanic communities
  • Reimagine the delivery of traditional financial services in contexts and through programs that align with the cultural, geographic, employment and transactional patterns of Hispanic households
  • Promote education in Hispanic communities to increase awareness of asset diversification and investment options, including participation in employer-sponsored 401(k) programs
  • Foster Hispanic entrepreneurship
  • Provide investment capital and financing to incubate Hispanic start-ups
  • Structure training and mentorship programs that support Hispanic entrepreneurs
  • Showcase Hispanic entrepreneurial “success stories” to highlight Hispanic icons across a broad representation of the U.S. economy

Our Work


Workforce Development Initiative

The Workforce Development Initiative will be focused on a plan to double the number of Hispanic real estate and mortgage professionals in the housing industry. The National Association of Realtors estimates that there are approximately 50,000 Hispanic Realtors in the country representing only 5% of the realtor population. The number of Hispanics in the mortgage industry is estimated to be much less than 5%. A goal to successfully increase sustainable Hispanic homeownership will require a substantially larger number of culturally competent real estate agents and mortgage professionals to effectively engage and guide Hispanic families through the home buying process.


Structured Mentorship For Hispanic Entrepreneurs Initiative

The second initiative will focus on providing structured mentorship to Hispanic entrepreneurs. Though the Hispanic community has become a primary driver for small-business formation in the US, many young businesses struggle to survive for lack of experience, marketplace knowledge, capital access and more. This initiative will link successful Hispanic entrepreneurs with those seeking to start small businesses in a structured program that will offer guidance, collaboration and access to needed resources.


Top Agent Wealth Building Initiative

The Top Agent Wealth Building Initiative will focus on using innovative technology and wealth productivity education to provide high income earning Hispanics in the housing industry with the awareness, tools and incentives needed to achieve multi-generational wealth through the reduction of debt, increase of savings and the diversification of net profits into financial instruments such as 401(k)s, SEP IRA’s, stocks, bonds, insurance and mutual funds.