Principle 5 states, “invest at least 20% of your income in real estate and stocks, because they are the best and safest ways to build wealth (investing in other businesses does not count).” Diversification is an important component of investing as it minimizes risk by spreading investment dollars strategically into varying assets.

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Investing Basics: Diversification for Dummies

One of the principle concepts of investing, diversification, is often misunderstood by the very people who need most to understand it. So let’s “dummify” diversification. A lot of investors think diversification is owning a lot of stocks, and that’s not wrong on the face of it. But let’s start with a simpler metaphor: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Taking the Guesswork Out of When and How Much to Invest

You are more likely to be a successful investor over the long haul if your investing decisions and actions flow from specific, predetermined guidelines. An old saying offers good advice: “Plan your work and work your plan.” We would add: “…regardless of the news of the day or the speculations of market prognosticators.”


6 Steps New Grads Should Take Now to Start Investing

If you’re a recent high school or college graduate and have been thinking about starting to invest, now’s the time to actually do something about it. If you begin investing now (even a little bit) you’ll be creating a pattern that will put you on the path toward financial independence. Sure, you have other obligations and probably a generous amount of student loans, but it’s important to realize the habits you form now will guide the rest of your life. What can you do today, with limited circumstances and even more limited funds?


The 7 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Investing in Real Estate

Why should entrepreneurs invest in the first place? The answer is: to have enough money to live on when we no longer can or wish to work. To put that money aside, however, we have to accumulate enough to offset inflation and the taxes that erode our savings. And for that purpose, real estate is an excellent solution.

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