A naturally giving spirit, Sarah Carmona-Zink works extensively with charitable and non-profit organizations in her community in Reno, Nevada. She attributes her philanthropy to the generosity she saw as a child in the women she looked up to, including her mother and grandmother.

“Generosity is not something you create,” Sarah shared. “It is a state of mind and a part of your spirit.” Devoting much of her time to charitable giving, Sarah sits on a number of boards and volunteers her time and resources widely. She is a board member and ocer of the Dreams Foundation, an organization which helps adults and children realize their unmet dreams. She is also a past board member of Care Chest, which provides medical supplies and equipment for those in need. Other organizations she devotes her time to are Children’s Cabinet, faith-based organizations, and National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sarah’s giving nature transcends her personal life to that of her business, Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, where she is Broker/Owner. “The challenge we face is modeling our business to meet our ethical and moral guidelines,” Sarah comments. “In order to do that, we set up our business so that every dollar the company earns is divided in two: $.90 to the company, and $.10 to Dreams Foundation, Inc.” Dreams Foundation supports community organizations which help uplift senior citizens, veterans, mothers in need, and charities that provide health and social services.

“At Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, we simply replicate the process that we implement in our households,” said Sarah. “By doing so we have dierent ways of helping people and truly living the spirit of philanthropy.”

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