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The Evolution of the Hispanic Wealth Project

Jason Riveiro is Interim Executive Director of HWP and Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of NAHREP. Before joining NAHREP, Jason served as Sr. Director of Industry Relations at Notarize and held notable roles at Realogy including Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Vice-President of Global Affiliate Service.

Riveiro has served on several boards including the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Business Advisory Board, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, iHeart Radio’s Community Advisory Board, and the Pittsburgh Pirates Diversity Advisory Board. Jason holds an MBA from Xavier University, a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX and has completed graduate courses at the Universidad de San Pablo-CEU in Madrid, Spain.

Wealth Stream News (WSN): Welcome, Jason. As we reflect on the past 10 years since the birth of the Hispanic Wealth Project, could you provide a brief overview of the project's goals and how they have evolved over the decade?

Jason Riveiro: At the core of the Hispanic Wealth Project is the belief that we, as a community, can own and drive the conversation around wealth building. Over the past decade, our primary goals have centered around achieving a 50% homeownership rate, enhancing the success of Hispanic-owned businesses, and ensuring Latinos hold at least 25% of their household assets in non-cash financial assets. We are proud that we have made progress in all three areas but there is still far to go, especially in increasing non-cash financial assets. Recently, our focus has shifted towards enhancing access to capital for small businesses, connecting founders with resources, and fostering wealth diversification to drive long-term financial growth.

WSN: Could you share details about the impactful programs you have established to achieve these objectives?

Jason Riveiro: Initially serving as a think tank, we transitioned to a more programmatic approach, engaging with the community on a direct level. Our Certified Trainer Program, comprising nearly a hundred dedicated volunteers, empowers individuals to educate communities on financial wellness and wealth-building strategies. Additionally, our initiatives, including our Angel Investing Community, focus on supporting Latino founders in the property technology space, facilitating connections with potential investors within the community to promote access to capital and wealth diversification.

WSN: Partnerships play a crucial role in furthering the mission of the Hispanic Wealth Project. How do you collaborate with external partners to advance your objectives and how can potential partners engage with the project?

Jason Riveiro: Our strength lies in the solidarity of our members and the vast network we have cultivated across the country. Leveraging this network allows us to mobilize individuals to support our initiatives. Partnerships focus on identifying and nurturing Latino founders within our community, and promoting the use of technology platforms to effectively reach the Hispanic market. We encourage startups to recognize the value of integrating strategies to appeal to a wider market in their tech innovations.

WSN: For individuals eager to get involved with the Hispanic Wealth Project, what are the avenues available for engagement and participation?

Jason Riveiro: While we were previously a non-membership organization, we are launching an annual membership program in the coming weeks. This membership offers access to communities, events, and training opportunities, including the chance to become an accredited investor. Through this membership, individuals can partake in courses and unlock new avenues for wealth-building and community engagement.

WSN: Thank you, Jason. Your dedication to fostering financial growth and empowerment within the Latino community is inspiring.

Disclosure: Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.
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