The Hispanic Wealth Project Angel Community

Engage. Network. Learn. Invest. Advise.

Learn to invest along with top Experts, Operators, Founders, Angels & VCs with backgrounds in 3 focus areas: PropTech, FinTech, and Future of Cities.
to be a part of the 1st Latin Angels Cohort. Starts October 5th.

What’s included in the program & community:

  • Seasoned Angel & VC Investors
  • Emerging Angels
  • Those looking to learn to Angel Invest

We believe that more people should have access to education and a community for investing in startups. We strongly believe in Diversity and Inclusion and that it makes us stronger through unique viewpoints and experiences. You can share your experience, but the beauty of startups is that often times the most overlooked, make the most outsized returns.

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Who is this for?

  • Engage with & learn from leading PropTech, FinTech & Future of Work VC investors, Operator Angels, and Startup Founders
  • Fireside Chats with top VC investors and unicorn founders
  • Live Pitches with Founders and VCs with real feedback
  • Private Slack Community with other investors and VCs
  • Invites to IRL Dinners and Events nationwide
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Angel Deal Reviews with VCs and Angels
  • Invest with others for as low as $1,000 (Accredited Investors)
  • Invest in select deals via Reg CF (Unaccredited Investors)
  • Opportunities to Mentor and Advise Founders
  • Invites to exclusive IRL networking and dinner events nationwide.
  • Exclusive access to deals, Deal Scouting, and build lifelong relationships

Goals & Ground Rules

  1. Invest. Advise. Mentor.
  2. Keep this a safe space. Be nice and pay it forward
  3. Engage and Participate with other angels and VC investors
  4. Pay it forward and support your fellow angels and founders
  5. Ask for help, learn from others, and share your deals
  6. Invest for as low as $5,000 (mandatory)
  7. Participate in the Online & Remote Sessions. Most will be recorded and library with deal flow, but it’s always being in the room where it happens!
  8. Begin with listening. Although many of us have deep understanding, try to learn from someone else.
  9. You get what you give. Help where you can, and it’s okay to ask for help and evaluate deals together.
  10. The community is created in trust. It’s important that deals, discussions, and founder/company revenue information stays confidential within the group. And we don’t share about other’s on social media without asking them first.

The Hispanic Wealth Project focuses on programs, policies and initiatives that:


  • Increase current Hispanic homeownership rates
  • Elevate sustainability in advancing homeownership outcomes
  • Promote Hispanic access to market-rate mortgage financing
  • Examine population migration patterns and housing stock alignment
  • Encourage outreach by U.S. financial service provides to Hispanic communities
  • Reimagine the delivery of traditional financial services in contexts and through programs that align with the cultural, geographic, employment and transactional patterns of Hispanic households
  • Promote education in Hispanic communities to increase awareness of asset diversification and investment options, including participation in employer-sponsored 401(k) programs
  • Foster Hispanic entrepreneurship
  • Provide investment capital and financing to incubate Hispanic start-ups
  • Structure training and mentorship programs that support Hispanic entrepreneurs
  • Showcase Hispanic entrepreneurial “success stories” to highlight Hispanic icons across a broad representation of the U.S. economy


Participants need to be qualified investors and invest a minimum of $5,000 per year with The Hispanic Wealth Project Angel Community. A qualified investor has these requirements:

  • Has an annual income of at least $200,000 (or $300,000 if combined with a spouse’s income); OR
  • Has a net worth over $1 million, excluding primary residence (individually or with spouse or partner).

No, every one of every background is welcome. Though many of the members are from NAHREP and funding will support the HWP, as well as help build Angels and Founders in the Latino Community.

No, it’s what many investors focus on, but we’ll have investors from all areas joining the community and as speakers. Everyone is open to invest wherever they like, and we cover all types of areas.

Annual fees for the program are listed below:

  • $295 NAHREP Platinum members
  • $395 NAHREP standard members
  • $495 non-members

The program is set up to be asynchronous and remote, but we will also be planning IRL events in various cities and timed with Real Estate industry events.

The program begins October 5th and runs 12 months. All initial Cohort members are locked in at their rate for life as long as they continue their membership with NAHREP. The membership auto renews at the end of the 12 months. You can cancel at any time for a prorated refund for the full remaining months.

Yes, we want founders and operators who want to be investors can be a part of the community too.

Yes, details will be shared on this program.

We will have partners who can support this.

We hope so, but there is no guarantee. Diversification is the key to a great portfolio and part of learning what works best for you and your strategy. Never send or wire funds unless you trust the contact. There is no requirement to invest in any deal. You choose to invest when you are ready.

If you decide to take the Series 65 exam, your fee may be covered by the program!

PropTech is the largest tech space in the world, loosely defined as any type of technology that can support or be distributed in the world of real estate and property. It’s vast from pure software and hardware to fintech (like mortgages, rent, and store payments), to future of cities, to climate and sustainability, construction, multifamily, residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and many more spaces. We don’t limit the space, but most of the speakers and guests will have the background of the 3 core areas: PropTech, FinTech and Future of Cities.

Your instructors, fellow investors, and guest speakers (1st 15 Sessions)

Will include accomplished Tech Founders & CEOs, Real Estate & PropTech Investors & Visionaries, as well as some of the most prolific Angels & VCs including:

  • Laura Moreno Lucas, (Partner, LAT.VC, Fmr Founder/CEO PandoCap, Managing Director at NASDAQ)
  • Tom Ferry, Angel Investing, Coaching
  • Gary Acosta, (Founder/CEO NAHREP, Partner at LAT.VC)
  • Kennie Blanco, (Partner & CIO, LAT.VC, Fmr Portfolio Manager BlackRock)
  • Sol Trujillo, (Chairman Trujillo Group LLC, Co-Founder L’ATTITUDE)
  • Oscar Munoz, (Partner, LAT.VC, Fmr Chairman/CEO of United Airlines, BoD CBRE Group Inc. and Univision)
  • Chris Moreno, (Xeal Energy, Former On Deck, Luxer One)