NAHREP 10 Certified Trainers are leaders and influencers within their communities and are helping friends, families, and clients create a roadmap for economic prosperity and the building of generational wealth.

Get certified to present the NAHREP 10—ten wealth-building disciplines helping individuals, families, and communities live a more prosperous life. Certified Trainers identify speaking engagements and present the NAHREP 10 at schools, colleges, community events, conferences, and more.
Step One: Fill out an application
Step Two: Complete the NAHREP 10 online courses
Step Three: Prepare a 5-minute presentation on one NAHREP 10 discipline
Step Four: Participate in a virtual interview with the NAHREP 10 committee

Get certified to present the NAHREP 10!
  • NAHREP Platinum Membership is required
  • Participate in external speaking engagements to present the NAHREP 10
  • Attend monthly calls with NAHREP 10 Certified Trainers and Ambassadors
  • Develop peer-to-peer mentorship relationships and build a network of support
The program is designed to provide you both the platform and the tools to drive the NAHREP 10 forward and establish you as an expert on wealth building within your community. Take the first step to join our growing network and apply today.
Roadmap to Certification:
Fill out my online form.
Not interested in becoming a NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer but would like to take the 3-part web-based course for educational purposes? The courses are available complimentary for NAHREP Platinum Members and for a $150 fee for non-Platinum Members.