Be in the top 10% of your profession because being good is not good enough.
The purpose of the wealth disciplines is to build a legacy, to create a life of prosperity that can be passed onto the next generation, both in the values you pass on and what your priorities say about you. One of the foundations of building wealth, prosperity and a legacy is to excel in your profession. A person who builds a life of prosperity never stops learning and always sets clear goals.

Setting your eyes on a goal, such as striving to be the best in your profession regardless of what your profession is, will ensure that you are constantly growing and building upon what you have. While many people know what it takes to be successful, many aren’t willing to put in the work it takes to excel.
If you strive to be among the top 10% of your profession, you will establish yourself as a powerful leader in your community. If you are among the best, financial prosperity more often than not, comes along with it. If you’re earning more money and have a mature understanding of wealth, you’ll be able to build generational wealth, and building generational wealth is always rooted in the prosperity of our familia and community.
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