Invest at least 20% of your income in real estate and stocks because they are the best and safest ways to build wealth (investing in other businesses does not count)
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This one is huge and if you aren’t currently investing, it’s time to start thinking about it now. Investing is not just for the wealthy. In fact, the younger you begin investing, the more it will pay off, even if just investing small amounts. 
During the economic crisis, Hispanics were hit harder than any other segment of our population. We lost almost 2/3 of our household wealth during that period of time. The primary reason is because we weren’t diversified in our assets. Some owned real estate, some owned businesses, but very few Latinos had stocks, mutual funds and non-cash financial assets. In fact, Hispanics invest in things like 401k retirement accounts and the stock market at a lower percentage than other segments of the population, regardless of income. While it may be cultural given our desire to invest in things that we can touch and that we understand, the stock market has not been something that we’ve understood well over time. This has to change.
If you’ve never invested before, the perfect place to start is through a retirement account. These come in the form of a 401k, Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or Roth IRA. These accounts are designed to allow you to put money away for your retirement.

That way, when you’re ready to relax during retirement you actually have an income to allow you to enjoy that time. You do not want to depend on social security or your children when you are older so you need to plan for those years now.
Take steps today for a prosperous future.
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