Be physically fit because wealth without health is meaningless
This is really big. Wealth without health is meaningless. What is the point? There are many out there who are very ambitious from a business perspective. When it comes to creating businesses and creating wealth, they don’t just want to be good, they want to be the best. But a lot of those same people don’t value their health as highly or put the same effort into being in the top 10% from a fitness standpoint. How can that be? What can be more important than being healthy? If you are not healthy, you can miss out on enjoying the wealth and prosperity you’ve built for your family. You also miss out on time, which is the most valuable resource of all.
While illness can happen to anyone regardless of behavior, some health concerns are preventable. Everyone knows that things like smoking are bad for you, but we often overlook the repercussions of preventable things like weight management, muscle tone and conditioning, and regular health checkups. When you’re healthy, you will have a higher quality of life.
Lately, there have been trends where businesses have been integrating fitness into their overall strategies in really unique ways. They have fitness and exercise teams that work out together, incentives for employees to participate in healthy activities, and social encouragement for getting up and moving more. That is amazing.
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