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Blueprint CEO Martin Kelly- Leveraging & Growing The Built Ecosystem

Martin oversees Blueprint which is most famous for the Blueprint Vegas event that brings together innovators across real estate, construction and climate tech relating to the built world. He is spearheading the efforts to shine a light on people, technology and projects that are impacting the future of this sector. Before joining Blueprint in 2022, Martin was Managing Director at Context365, a leading alternative investment technology platform and led the business development efforts until it was acquired by Apex. Martin started his career in London before moving to New York in 2010 and subsequently becoming Managing Director - Americas for Terrapinn, a leading global B2B Media business. He has also held roles as one of the Founding Members of the Great British Business Club Committee for UK Trade & Investment and other advisory positions.

WSN (Wealth Stream News): Thank you, Martin, for joining Wealth Stream News today. Could you introduce yourself and share insights about your background and Blueprint?

Martin Kelly: Well, thank you for having me on. I studied law and then transitioned into the event space, eventually venturing into the U.S. I've had significant experiences in family office and wealth management events and worked in a SaaS business at the intersection between allocators and alternatives funds. Now, I lead Blueprint, an innovative global gathering focusing on the built world – real estate and construction, partnering with key industry players and innovators.

WSN: Transitioning to your role as the President at Blueprint, could you share how you embarked on this journey and the significance of Blueprint in the real estate and construction sector?

Martin Kelly: Blueprint, entering its fourth year, became my focus two years back. As part of an event studio known for successful industry launches, we bring together key players innovating the built world. Through precise curation and partnerships, we aim to drive innovation and collaboration in this dynamic industry.

WSN: With a notable emphasis on venture capital and real estate, how do you seek out and foster deals bridging these sectors at Blueprint?

Martin Kelly: Partnering with VCs allows us to identify forward-thinking founders transforming the industry, facilitating collaborations that accelerate change. Our key collaborations include events focused on homebuilding, hospitality, multifamily, climate and construction technology to name a few and we aim to bridge the gap between build world executives, investors and innovators driving meaningful progress.

WSN: Considering your recent partnership with the Hispanic Wealth Project, how would you advise members navigating the transition into the built world domain?

Martin Kelly: Working with the Hispanic Wealth Project has been a fantastic opportunity. For members venturing into the built world, understanding diverse aspects like real estate tech, climate tech, and housing solutions is crucial. Blueprint offers a platform to connect with industry leaders and explore emerging trends.

WSN: Martin, diving into an intriguing topic, how would you define wealth and its correlation to the built world industry?

Martin Kelly: Exploring the essence of wealth tied to the built world is a profoundly captivating discussion. Wealth, to me, goes beyond monetary value. Recently, I had a conversation with a former colleague deeply engaged in the insurance sector, overseeing significant assets allocated toward meaningful causes like affordable housing initiatives. Witnessing developers like MaryAnne Gilmartin the Founder of MAG Partners and Casey Roloff Founder of Seabrook transform communities by crafting homes and implementing innovative construction methods sheds light on the symbiotic link between where we live and the concept of wealth. Our living spaces, work environments, and urban landscapes resonate deeply with our sense of prosperity and well-being. This intricate web of connections underscores the inherent value of the built world in shaping our wealth perceptions and experiences.

WSN: Thank you for elaborating on the profound interplay between wealth and the built environment, Martin. Building on this, how do you envision leaving a lasting legacy given your diverse experiences and impactful initiatives at Blueprint?

Martin Kelly: Legacy carries a profound meaning for me, resonating with a sense of purpose and meaningful impact. Engaging with entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders through Blueprint offers a tangible pathway to influence positive change and innovation in the built world. Witnessing the culmination of efforts, seeing communities thrive, and fostering innovative solutions leave a meaningful imprint. As I continue this journey, my driving force remains in enabling connections, propelling progress, and contributing to a future where comfort, sustainability, and ingenuity intersect harmoniously. Blueprint's vision echoes this commitment, further fueling the journey toward a legacy of enduring significance.

WSN: Your insights are truly inspiring, Martin. As we wrap up, is there a notable individual in the industry whom you wish you had met earlier for accelerated insights and growth?

Martin Kelly: The industry is a tapestry of phenomenal minds, each contributing distinctive perspectives and innovations. One standout figure who embodies exceptional vision and accomplishments is Pete Flint, a pioneer in real estate technology with a remarkable trajectory from Lastminute.com to Trulia.com to NFX, embodying a spirit of innovation and impact. Additionally, I deeply value thought leaders who delve beyond surface-level insights, offering profound depth and analysis in their work like Clelia Peters from Era Ventures. I also really enjoy reading Thesis Driven by Brad Hargreaves and other thoughtful commentors. Diving into meaningful discussions and engaging with individuals who explore critical aspects of the industry, I find incredibly rewarding and gives me great purpose day to day.

WSN: Thank you, Martin. We're delighted about the collaboration between the Hispanic Wealth Project and Blueprint and excited for the promising journey ahead.

Martin Kelly: Thank you, Orlando. Looking forward to our continued collaboration and seeing you at our upcoming September event in Vegas.

Disclosure: Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.
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