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Reflections from HWP Chairperson Sara Rodriguez on NAHREP Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference

The recent NAHREP Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference (HWBC) which took place in Washington D.C. on March 11-14 was where the industry’s movers and shakers, dealmakers, top government officials, and high-ranking housing and real estate executives gathered for three days of education, celebration, and networking. We asked Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP) Chairperson Sara Rodriguez for her thoughts on the conference.

What was the HWBC and why was it so important not just for Latinos but for Housing in general?
The HWBC is an important conference as it provides not only education that will help our members thrive but also opportunities to network with high industry leaders. This yearly conference provides connections to capital, knowledge to build and secure your wealth, and relationships to expand your sphere.

What were the highlights for you from the conference?
It was enlightening to hear NAHREP CEO and Co-Founder Gary Acosta speak and provide his State of the Industry address to see what resources for wealth-building and advocacy are being brought to the Hispanic community from Federal agencies and corporate leaders. I was especially impressed with FHA commissioner Julia Gordon speech about how the Biden-Harris Administration is taking housing seriously and focused on the Latino community.

What are the main issues raised at the conference?
There were informative discussions products that will help our communities lessen the wealth gap. Several sessions addressed wealth building for small business growth and tools to help us all be more successful entrepreneurs.

What do you hope for NAHREP and HWP for the remainder of the year?
I hope our attendees become more aware and vocal about the regulatory environment and how certain regulations can disproportionally impact our community.
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