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Innovating in Financial Services – The Genesis of FinTech Connector

Angel Lorente, the Founder and Master Connector at FinTech Connector, connects finance executives and business experts with fintech entrepreneurs to help innovate financial services.

Angel is a seasoned leader in the financial services industry, holding multiple roles within the CFO organization of Morgan Stanley, including treasury and product controller, operational risk manager, and digital and data transformation project lead in finance.

Angel is a sought-after international speaker on the people impact of innovation, digital and data transformation in banking, and how fintech is changing the business of financial services. Countries where he has been invited to speak on fintech and financial services innovation - USA, Mexico, Barbados, Morocco, UAE, China, Switzerland, Sweden, and the UK.
In addition to a Bachelor's in Accounting and an MBA in Finance and Information Systems, Angel holds two MIT certificates in Big Data & business analytics and Fintech & Future Commerce, which reflect his passion and expertise in the intersection of finance, technology, and data.

A seasoned international speaker, Angel addresses the impact of innovation, digital transformation, and fintech on the financial services industry. He holds a Bachelor's in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and Information Systems, and two MIT certificates in Big Data & Social Analytics and Fintech & Future Commerce, demonstrating his commitment to the convergence of finance, technology, and data. Angel has been invited to speak in various countries, including the USA, Mexico, Barbados, Morocco, UAE, China, Switzerland, Sweden, and the UK, showcasing his global influence in the realm of fintech and financial services innovation.

Wealth Stream News (WSN) Hello and welcome to Wealth Stream News. Today, we're joined by Angel Lorente, founder and master connector at Fintech Connector. Thank you for being here, Angel.

Angel Lorente (AL): Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here.

WSN: Let's dive right in. Could you provide a brief overview of FinTech Connector for our audience?

AL: Absolutely. FinTech Connector is a global community platform connecting financial services executives, business and investment experts, and fintech entrepreneurs to foster financial services innovation. We've been around since 2017, and our aim is to facilitate collaboration and innovation in the fintech space.

WSN: Excellent. Now, what motivated you to start FinTech Connector?

AL: Well, after spending 26 years in the finance division of Morgan Stanley, I noticed the disruptive potential of fintech in reshaping traditional banking. Wanting to stay ahead of the curve, I enrolled in the pioneer Fintech and Future Commerce course at MIT, and that experience inspired me to create a platform where experts and innovators could come together to drive financial services innovation.

WSN: Fascinating journey, Angel. How does FinTech Connector facilitate interactions between its members and partners?

AL: Think of FinTech Connector as a curated LinkedIn for the fintech community. But LinkedIn is a large universe that makes it difficult to find your specific core group. You could get lost there. Many people do. They complain that it's gotten too big. So we've decided to create a micro-community by curating a unique space with tools that would allow fintech people to connect through our platform.

Members can join for free and connect with others in the industry. We offer premium subscriptions for organizations looking to showcase their work and engage with our members more deeply. Additionally, we host events and facilitate introductions between members and potential partners or investors. The platform is free to join and as members start connecting and seeing the value of the platform, then they'll come and say, hey, how can I create my organization here so I could showcase what we're doing. That becomes a premium subscription where you get to upgrade the access to our members which is more of a concierge model. What started as a meet-up group in a bar is now a virtual accelerator networking organization focused on fintech with over 4,600 members globally.

We also have sponsorship opportunities such as Innovation Day and FinTech Connector Cruise where we bring our members face to face. We are looking to do the next one in Florida in October of this year.

WSN: That’s an amazing journey and sounds like a valuable resource for anyone in the fintech space. Now, let's talk about growth. How do you envision scaling FinTech Connector in the future?

AL: Our growth strategy involves expanding our membership base and deepening our partnerships globally. We're focused on providing more value to our members and attracting investors who share our vision for fostering fintech innovation. Ultimately, we aim to become the go-to platform for anyone involved in financial services innovation. This can include possible investment from an Angel group or private investor, including family offices.

One area of interest is taking real estate and tokenizing that into digital assets and then selling pieces of those digital assets. That’s not you and me buying the building. It is having a community of people buying a building through owning these digital tokens that gives you a right; a financial stake in that real estate asset. We have a couple of members on the platform who are working on this.

WSN: Impressive, Angel. Finally, how do you define wealth, and what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

AL: For me, wealth is more than just financial assets. It's about having the resources and opportunities to pursue your goals and live a fulfilling life. As for my legacy, while I'm proud of Fintech Connector and its impact, my greatest legacy will be the memories I create with my FinTech Connector familia. As a Latino, the family part is important to nurture in creating this community. I want to be remembered as an innovative founder and loving father who provided enriching experiences for his children and grandchildren.

WSN: Thank you, Angel, for sharing your insights with us today. It's been a pleasure speaking with you.

AL: Likewise. Thank you for having me.
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