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Latino Wealth creation is good for America.

According to the State of Hispanic Wealth Report, Hispanic wealth is increasing at more than three times the rate of the overall population. With a median age of 30, Hispanics represent an emerging affluent cohort that will have a powerful economic impact. With nearly one in four new businesses being Hispanic-owned, the nearly 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States contribute more than $800 billion to the American economy annually. With the number of Latino-owned businesses growing faster than other demographics, Latinos have held the highest rate of new entrepreneurs for the last two decades.

Increasing opportunities for Latinos to create wealth is the underlying objective of this newsletter. One of the weakest links in moving the community forward is access. Access to capital, access to information, and access to opportunity. The Wealth Stream newsletter addresses access to information, leveraging the experience and authority of those who have walked and are walking the wealth creation path, with a focus on the Latino community.

We will include features and profiles about Latino Wealth creation heroes to learn about their wealth-creation journeys. The newsletter will also bring you data, reports, and insights on starting and scaling small businesses, access to capital and angel investing, and financial literacy initiatives that can help Latinos achieve greater wealth and help close the wealth gap.

We welcome you on the wealth journey.

Sara Rodriguez
Hispanic Wealth Project

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