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Alba Martinez: NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer of the Year 2023, Shaping Generational Wealth in the Hispanic Community
Alba Martinez's journey is a vibrant tapestry woven from her Texas roots, a deep sense of Latina pride, and an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit. Her recent accolade as the 2023 NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer of the Year highlights her significant contributions and dedication to the Hispanic community's financial empowerment. A visionary in every sense, Martinez's career arc bends from insurance producer in Northern Virginia – a role she embraced for over 18 years – to an influential real estate entrepreneur. Her story is not just about personal success; it's about community upliftment and a relentless commitment to generational wealth building within the Hispanic community.

Embarking on her real estate career with the same fervor that marked her time in insurance, Martinez quickly distinguished herself as more than just a businesswoman. She is a community beacon, a voice for empowerment, and a steadfast advocate for financial literacy. Her involvement as a radio show host and producer of "Diseñando Tu Patrimonio" (Patrimony Designing) underscores this commitment. Through her radio show, she extends her reach, offering counsel and guidance on wealth creation to the Hispanic community, using broadcasting and social media as her platforms.

Martinez's philosophy is anchored in the NAHREP 10 Principles, especially the first: a clear understanding of what wealth truly means. Her goal transcends mere financial advice; she aims to inspire and educate her audience on building generational wealth through real estate, ensuring that prosperity is not a fleeting dream but a sustainable reality for future generations.

Her leadership and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Since 2017, she has been a significant presence on the board of directors in the NAHREP Northern VA Chapter. In 2022, her role as Hispanic Forum Chair in the Northern Virginia Realtor Association further exemplifies her commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. Through these roles, she has not only championed the interests of Hispanic realtors but also shaped the conversation around wealth and property ownership in diverse communities.

Your journey from insurance to real estate is inspiring. What motivated this transition, and how do you integrate your past experiences into your current role?

Alba: The Hispanic community loves learning. When we immigrated to this country, we overcame many obstacles and adapted to a new lifestyle. Having insurance experience in my background has allowed me to provide my clientele with tools to maintain their lifestyles and assets. When I decided to become a REALTOR, it was because my experience buying a home was less than ideal. My purpose is to give my clients the best experience and guidance. La regla de oro: trata a los demás como te gustaría ser tratado.

As a radio show host, you have a unique platform to influence the Hispanic community. How do you see "Diseñando Tu Patrimonio" evolving in the future to further empower your listeners?

Alba: The main focus of the radio show is education. The motto is not only to buy a home but to create a better one. Un hogar es el núcleo familiar. The resources that I share have been crucial from financial, mental health, insurance along with other professional and local leaders of the community. Because Juntos We Do More!

You emphasize the importance of understanding wealth beyond its monetary value. Could you share a personal story that highlights this philosophy?

Alba: The key to wealth and health is resilience. No matter what comes our way, the importance of adapting and learning from it is what takes me further. Throughout any circumstance, KEEP GOING, no matter if it is personal, professional, or health-related, don't give up. In my experience, divorce, bankruptcy, depression, stroke, you name it, Alba, keep going!! Being able to live, laugh, and learn is more than monetary wealth.

Inclusiveness in Real Estate: In your role with the NAHREP and as Hispanic Forum Chair, how do you approach the challenges of promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the real estate industry?

Alba: The saying is, I am not against, but I am pro-inclusivity, pro-equality, and definitely believe that change in biases can be lessened if I am in the same room with like-minded others so we can unify to bring awareness. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but most importantly, it is the wise approach to be a voice for my community.

Looking forward, what are your goals for the next five years, both personally and professionally, in shaping the landscape of real estate for the Hispanic community?

Alba: Growth in the real estate community, already doing local and state volunteering, advocating within the realtor familia. Personally, I love to have time with my family, enjoying a prosperous life together in these top three aspects: health-wise, mentally and physically, spiritually, and financially. Reír y vivir cada día! No solo para vivir, sino para que valga la pena, sino para poder dejar huella y un legado de inspiración para otras como yo.

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