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Empowering Transformation: Ivelisse López - A Beacon of Strength in Real Estate and Coaching

Ivelisse López stands as a paragon of tireless strength and dedication in the real estate industry. Her journey spans over 30 years as a Real Estate Broker, REALTOR®, investor, financial consultant, Life and business Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, and a philanthropist. Her career, deeply rooted in Puerto Rico, reflects a commitment to excellence, empowerment, and transformative leadership.

López's rich experience in real estate began with senior management roles at Century 21 and Re/Max Caribbean, where she honed her skills as a marketing consultant. This foundation led her to establish R.L. Realty Plus.., where for the past 25 years, she has overseen operations, sales, training, and marketing, nurturing a team that excels in servicing the entire Puerto Rican island.

Her leadership extends beyond business. As a life coach with Inter_SER_Coaching, she brings a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. Ivelisse's passion is reflected in her commitment to providing top-notch real estate services and financial education, aiming for growth and independence in her community.

A trailblazer in her field, Ivelisse was instrumental in founding the Puerto Rico Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) in 2016 along with an excellent group of leaders in the industry. She holds the distinction of being the first in Puerto Rico to be a NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer. This role amplifies her dedication to imparting financial wisdom to her colleagues and the broader community.
Her academic background in Labor-Management Relations, Law, and Politics from the Universidad de Puerto Rico complements her hands-on approach in the industry. As a John Maxwell Leadership Gold Program certified professional, her leadership style is both inclusive and visionary.

López's commitment to service shines through her philanthropic endeavors. As the founder of Donando con Amor, she tirelessly works to meet people's material needs. Her deep involvement with the Movimiento de Retiros Parroquiales Juan XXIII showcases her dedication to aiding people through spiritual retreats and personal encounters.

Ivelisse López's journey is a testament to her unwavering strength, profound knowledge, and compassionate leadership. She is more than a real estate titan; she is a mentor, a guide, and a beacon of hope, continuously striving to elevate those around her. Her story is not just about success in real estate and coaching but about the power of resilience, education, and service to transform lives.

How have your experiences in various leadership roles across real estate associations influenced your approach to real estate brokerage and coaching?

Ivelisse: My journey in various leadership roles within real estate associations has been truly enriching. It's not just about transactions; it's about building meaningful connections, both in business and life. Leading has taught me the power of collaboration and the importance of fostering a supportive community. This translates directly into my approach to real estate brokerage - it's not just about selling homes; it's about guiding individuals and families toward the chapters of their lives. Each transaction is an opportunity to create a positive impact.

Coaching, on the other hand, is a passion that emerged from witnessing the transformative potential within us all. Through leadership, I learned that empowering others is the key to collective success. In coaching, I aim to inspire individuals to realize their full potential, not just in their real estate endeavors but in every aspect of their lives. As a life and business coach, I strive to accompany individuals in their search for their very best version and their ability to achieve their dreams and goals. It's an incredibly empowering, yet humbling process that I love.

Authenticity is at the core of everything I do. My experiences in leadership roles have shown me that genuine connections are the driving force behind any successful venture. I bring this authenticity into my coaching and brokerage, creating spaces where people feel seen, heard, and supported.

So, my journey in leadership has shaped my real estate brokerage and coaching approach by emphasizing community, collaboration, and the transformative power of genuine connections. All this has led to my soon-to-launch podcast: "Mas Alla con Ivelisse", where I intentionally aim to provide resources and tools so my audience can perform their own introspection and walk towards their very best version. So, let's continue this journey together, making every real estate and coaching experience a steppingstone toward a brighter future! What unites us is so much more than what separates us, so my invitation is to start building bridges that bring us together and allow us to lead, inspire, and grow!

Can you describe a challenging moment in your career and how you overcame it, drawing on your strength and resilience?

Ivelisse: Reflecting on my journey as a REALTOR, one of the most challenging moments in my career was navigating the real estate market during various periods of economic uncertainty within the past 30 years. The market conditions were unpredictable, and many potential clients were pretty hesitant to making significant financial commitments.

In the face of this challenge, I leaned heavily on my strength and resilience. Firstly, I focused on staying informed about the market trends and economic indicators to anticipate shifts. This allowed me to provide valuable insights to my clients and establish trust during a time of uncertainty.

Additionally, I enhanced my networking efforts and sought out innovative marketing strategies to showcase properties effectively. Collaborating with other professionals in the industry also became crucial during this time, as sharing experiences and strategies helped us navigate the challenges collectively.

Embracing a mindset of adaptability, I refined my skills and explored creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of my clients. It was a test of patience and persistence, but it ultimately reinforced the importance of resilience in the real estate profession.

This experience taught me the significance of continuous learning and adaptability in a dynamic industry. By persevering through challenging times, I not only strengthened my professional capabilities but also forged deeper connections with clients who appreciated the dedication to their goals.

In essence, overcoming this challenge was a testament to the power of resilience, strategic thinking, and a commitment to providing exceptional service even in the face of adversity. It's these experiences that shape us and define our commitment to excellence in the real estate field.

What strategies do you employ in your life coaching to inspire and empower clients in both their personal and professional lives?

Ivelisse: In my three decades as a seasoned REALTOR and with my formation and certification as a life and business coach, my approach is grounded in a holistic perspective that seamlessly intertwines personal and professional development. The essence of my coaching philosophy revolves around three fundamental strategies:

  1. Authentic Connection: Building a genuine connection with my clients is at the core of my coaching strategy. By fostering an atmosphere of trust and understanding, I create a safe space for individuals to explore their aspirations, challenges, and potential. This authenticity sets the stage for transformative conversations that transcend the boundaries between personal and professional spheres.
  2. Goal Alignment and Vision Crafting: One of the first steps in our journey together is defining clear and compelling goals. I guide my clients through a process of self-discovery, helping them unearth their passions, values, and long-term vision. This vision becomes the guiding star that influences not only their professional endeavors but also their personal growth. We meticulously craft strategies to align their actions with their aspirations.
  3. Resilience and Mindset Mastery: Life's journey is peppered with challenges, and I empower my clients to navigate these with resilience and a growth mindset. By reframing obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth, individuals gain the confidence to overcome setbacks. I provide practical tools and actionable steps to enhance emotional intelligence, foster resilience, and embrace change as an inevitable and enriching part of their journey.

As a trailblazer in both real estate and life and business coaching, I've witnessed the transformative power of these strategies. I guide my clients not only to achieve professional success but also to create a harmonious and fulfilling life. The intersection of personal and professional excellence is where true empowerment blossoms, and my role is to illuminate the path toward that integrated, purpose-driven life.

How do you integrate your passion for philanthropy and community service with your professional goals in real estate and coaching?

Ivelisse: Integrating my passion for philanthropy and community service with my professional goals in real estate and coaching has been a deeply rewarding and transformative journey. For me, these facets are not separate realms but interconnected threads that weave together the fabric of a purpose-driven life.

Vulnerability and Connection: In real estate and coaching, vulnerability is a powerful tool for connection. Sharing my commitment to philanthropy and community service allows my clients to see the authentic and compassionate side of me. By opening up about the causes that resonate with my heart, I foster a deeper connection, inspiring clients to explore their own values and the positive impact they can make in their communities.

Inspiration Through Example: I firmly believe in leading by example. By actively participating in philanthropic initiatives, I demonstrate the values I hold dear. This sends a powerful message to my clients, illustrating that success is not just measured in transactions closed or goals achieved but in the positive change we can collectively bring to the world. My hope is to inspire them to use their success as a platform for meaningful contributions.

Community-Centric Real Estate: In my real estate practice, I've woven a community-centric approach. Beyond helping clients find homes, I'm passionate about contributing to the vitality of the neighborhoods we serve. Whether it's supporting local businesses, organizing community events, or advocating for sustainable development, my real estate endeavors are aligned with the goal of creating thriving and interconnected communities.

Financial Education for Empowerment: As a financial educator, I extend my commitment to philanthropy by empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions. I believe that financial literacy is a cornerstone of individual and community empowerment. Through workshops and educational initiatives, I aim to uplift others, fostering a cycle of empowerment that extends far beyond the realms of real estate and coaching.

Legacy of Impact: Ultimately, my integration of philanthropy with my professional journey is about creating a legacy of impact. I want to be remembered not just for successful transactions but for the positive ripples of change I've contributed to in the lives of individuals and communities. It's a journey that aligns with my values, and through it, I hope to inspire others to embrace their capacity for positive influence and service.

As a pioneer in the Puerto Rican real estate industry, what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs aspiring to enter this field?

Ivelisse: Embarking on a career in real estate is not merely a professional pursuit; it's a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the joy of being an integral part of people's dreams. When I reflect on my start in this industry 30 years ago, the landscape was different, challenging, and predominantly male-dominated. It was a time when genuine connections, trust, and a commitment to action were the keys to success.

For today's aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice is grounded in the timeless essence of human connection. In a world dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, remember that people will never replace people. The bonds you forge with clients are the heartbeat of your business. Strive to add meaningful value to their goals and lives, be intentional, and strategic, and continually educate yourself beyond the basics.

Knowing your community inside out is pivotal. Become the expert for your area, providing not just service but knowledge and value. Real estate is a people business, and your success hinges on meaningful connections with professionals in the industry. Starting your journey, align yourself with an office offering training and marketing support, crucial in those initial steps, find a Coach, one that aligns with your vision and can accompany you in this process.
Join associations like your local board of Realtors and NAHREP, leveraging these platforms for networking. Remember, these connections are opportunities, but it's up to you to cultivate relationships that work for your business. Enjoy every moment of this journey; wake up with a smile, knowing you play a crucial role in fulfilling the universal dream of homeownership.

As a real estate agent, you are the glue holding the pieces together. Embrace each transaction with passion, resilience, and the confidence that you are the key to homeownership. Over my three decades in this incredible industry, I've witnessed tremendous personal and professional growth. The ability to provide a higher education for my children has been a profound blessing, inspiring me to my next step in real estate.

Becoming a coach and mentor is a natural progression. My aim is to guide the new generation of real estate professionals to their best versions—connecting with their strength, cultivating resilience, and taking massive action toward their goals. I see this as a privilege and a daily blessing, a chance to impart the skills that shaped my journey.

Let real estate be your passion, guiding you to an incredible life, both professionally and personally. The impact you make transcends transactions; it becomes a legacy of positive influence, echoing in the lives of those you touch.

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