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Jose Macias: Empowering Homeownership Dreams

Jose Macias stands as a beacon in the mortgage lending world, not just as a VP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, but as a fervent advocate for empowering homeownership. His journey began with a personal mission—buying his parents their first home as a token of gratitude for their unconditional support. With an associate's degree from Harper College and vast experience in the mortgage industry, Jose has dedicated his career to simplifying the home buying process for countless families.

His professional life is marked by rapid advancement and significant achievements. Starting as an online service consultant at Guaranteed Rate, Jose swiftly rose through the ranks, driven by his commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence. His roles have spanned from senior mortgage consultant to producing sales manager, each position amplifying his impact in making the dream of homeownership accessible to more people.

Jose's approach to mortgage lending is holistic; he understands the emotional and financial stakes involved in buying a home. By demystifying the loan process and offering personalized advice, he ensures his clients are well-informed and confident. His work is underscored by his passion for giving back to the community, particularly aiding former classmates, and new clients in navigating the often-complex landscape of mortgage options.

Recently recognized as the NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer of the Month, his profound gratitude and commitment to community service are reflected in his daily interactions and professional ethos. Jose believes deeply in the transformative power of homeownership and its ability to provide stability and economic prosperity.
WSN: What inspired you to enter the mortgage lending field, and how did your early experiences shape your career path?

Jose: Being an immigrant, I wanted to make sure that I not only integrated with society but also got a piece of the pie. I migrated to Chicago when I was 13 years old. Growing up, I remember moving from house to house every two years. So, one day, I made a promise to my mom that I was going to buy her a house so that she would not have to stress about looking for the next place to stay. When I graduated from Harper College, my first goal was to join the workforce in the real estate industry since my goal was to figure out what is needed to buy a house and that rubbing shoulders with professionals that do that would put me in a better situation to learn and be able to do so. Two years after becoming a loan officer, I bought my mom a condo.

WSN: Can you share how your role at Guaranteed Rate has evolved and what you consider your most impactful projects?

Jose: I started working for Guaranteed Rate 10 years ago in the direct division where they would provide me leads and I would sell our services over the phone. But I wasn’t making good money. So, I took a risk by going into the retail model, betting on myself to be able to generate business on my own. I knew that I had the education to be able to teach people and I knew that NAHREP was a great vehicle to meet new people in the industry that can help me grow.
WSN: With your extensive experience, what key advice would you give to first-time homebuyers today?

Jose: My first piece of advice to a first-time homebuyer is to know their budget and consult a lending professional for an initial assessment six months prior to beginning to search for a home. That way, they give themselves enough time to work on their financials prior to committing to a 30-year mortgage. I want to make sure to put that first-time homebuyer in a sustainable mortgage.

WSN: How do you see the future of mortgage lending changing, especially with technological advancements?
Jose: I think if used correctly, it will allow for loan officers to free up more time to spend with their families and produce more. AI is such an integral part of the future. We are talking about a computer program being able to provide a pre-approval upon completion of the application. It can potentially read the income based on pay stubs and W-2s provided, plus it would run an automated verification of employment. That will free up our time to produce more. We need to learn to embrace technology to our advantage. The fear of robots replacing us might be real, but at the end of the day, a person's expertise and touch cannot be replaced. Customer service is irreplaceable.

WSN: As a NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer of the Month, how do you integrate your commitment to community service into your professional activities?

Jose: Being a NAHREP 10 trainer is always in the back of my mind. Keeping this perspective allows me to share what I do for a living with anyone I come into contact with. My goal this year is to get in front of 800 people and share the NAHREP 10 disciplines with them so they can create wealth. If I can plant a seed about one of our disciplines and that person incorporates them into their daily lives, my job is done. Also, it helps me by becoming a trusted professional because my mission is not selfish; my mission is to inspire so others can do the same. My model is always to give without expecting anything in return. God will lead the way and take care of the rest.

Jose's narrative is not just about achieving personal success; it's about leveraging that success to benefit others. His story is a compelling testament to the power of dedication, education, and the enduring value of giving back.
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