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Ricardo Peinado Jr. - Empowering Homeownership and Financial Freedom
Ricardo Peinado Jr., the President of Suntender Valuations, is a dedicated leader in the real estate industry who is driven by a strong passion for helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership and financial freedom.

As a first-generation Mexican American, Ricardo's journey to success has been marked by determination and hard work. Despite facing challenges such as learning English at a later age and growing up in a traditional Mexican household that emphasized values of God, family, and hard work, Ricardo emerged as a trailblazer. He became the first man in his family to graduate from college, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information System from San Jose State University.

Ricardo's commitment to fostering homeownership opportunities led him to establish Suntender Valuations, an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that goes beyond the conventional. Suntender Valuations was founded with the purpose of supporting mortgage lenders and clients in obtaining quality appraisals while prioritizing exceptional customer service. Unlike traditional AMCs, Suntender Valuations operates with a 24/7, 365-day customer service support model, adapting to the speed and dedication required in today's real estate industry.

Ricardo's dedication to supporting Latino homeownership shines through in Suntender Valuations' mission. The company provides Appraisal Management Services to top Latino lending mortgage companies, contributing to the growth of Latino homeownership. As a minority-owned Mexican-American company and an active member of NAHREP, MBA, CMBA, and NAMMBA, Suntender Valuations is deeply invested in providing bilingual support and excellent service to its clients.

With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Ricardo strives to help others achieve the American Dream of homeownership and create financial freedom. He is a firm believer in tapping into the wealth of professionals within the NAHREP community to diversify investments and build lasting financial security. Ricardo's professional goals encompass empowering individuals to establish financial freedom through various investment opportunities.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Ricardo finds joy in spending time with his wife and three children, along with extended family and friends. Sharing the belief that "God is Great," Ricardo's personal journey is anchored in faith, family, and the pursuit of making a positive impact.
You've had an impressive journey from being the first man in your family to graduate from college to leading Suntender Valuations. How have your personal experiences influenced your commitment to helping others achieve their dreams?
Ricardo: My personal experiences begin with my amazing parents who instilled the importance of being hardworking, respectful, loving, humble, and God-fearing. I attribute that foundation as instrumental in my focus on graduating from San Jose State University. After graduating and entering the professional field, I was able to develop some incredible friendships. One of those friendships directly led to the opportunity to lead Suntender Valuations. The foundation our parents instilled in each of us has been key to Suntender Valuations' success. These experiences have motivated me to connect others to each other to allow them to achieve their dreams. I enjoy offering my time and service to anyone needing any guidance or advice. I love to see others win; it’s one of my greatest joys to see others have success.
Suntender Valuations is renowned for its exceptional customer service and commitment to enhancing the real estate experience. What drove you to establish an AMC that goes beyond the norm?

Ricardo: Suntender Valuations is an Appraisal Management Company that was built with a focus on the customer first, ensuring that everyone in the transaction feels heard and valued. In today’s marketplace, many companies turn to automating everything, but I always appreciate the personal touch of being able to talk to someone right away. If a client is reaching out to Suntender Valuations, I want them to receive an answer and talk to someone on the phone. For Suntender Valuations, the customer of an AMC is not just one client, but all parties included in the transaction. We appreciate all parties in the transaction, so we focus on the Lender/Mortgage Company and Borrower. However, we also express great appreciation for the Realtor and especially all the Appraisers. The key to success is showing gratitude to those who make your business possible.

An instrumental part of Suntender Valuations success is also the team we built over the years, our CEO is remarkable and our General Manager is awesome. We have a great developer helping enhance our online portal experience for all customers. Suntender Valuations’ Customer Service Managers who handle the day to day activities understand our mission and fully commit to giving our Clients the best experience possible. I am forever grateful for everyone on the Suntender Valuations Team which is allowing Suntender Valuations to flourish and provide exceptional customer service.

How does Suntender Valuations contribute to promoting Latino homeownership, and why is this mission particularly significant to you?

Ricardo: Suntender Valuations contributes to and promotes Latino homeownership by delivering excellent customer service to all our clients. When we first started, some of our initial lender/mortgage companies that gave us an opportunity were Latino lender/mortgage companies. The way to show appreciation and gratitude for that opportunity was to ensure we did our very best for our clients and always find solutions when there doesn't appear to be one. Working 365/24/7 regardless of the obstacles, understanding how crucial the appraisal is in the transaction for those future Latino homeowners. The mission of Latino homeownership is significant to me because I want to be a part of the team that helps increase Latino homeownership to historic levels.

Your career spans 25+ years in real estate. What inspired you to join NAHREP and actively engage with the community?

Ricardo: In my first 20 years of real estate, I had never been introduced to a Latino-based real estate group or anything as powerful and impactful as NAHREP. I joined a social Latino-based organization at San Jose State University, but never in my mind did I think such an impactful organization built by Latinos existed in the real estate world. In 2018, five years ago when I was introduced by a friend to NAHREP, I became a member. I attended the NAHREP National Conference in San Diego and knew I wanted to be more involved and help as many people as I could.

What inspired me to join NAHREP and engage with the community was seeing so many successful Latinos helping families achieve homeownership dreams and making a positive impact in the community. It’s been a huge blessing to be a member of the NAHREP family, and I’m forever grateful. I look forward to continuing to share HWP’s the Top 10 NAHREP Principles and continue to empower others.

As a NAHREP 10 Certified Trainer, what initiatives are you planning to empower others within the community?

Ricardo: As a Top 10 Certified Trainer, the initiatives I want to empower others within the community are understanding that they can achieve their goals, but the first step is identifying what those goals are. Identifying what they want to achieve and then putting a plan in place. Time management, planning, and consistency are three critical factors to achieve any goal. Educating the community on how each of the HWP’s NAHREP Top 10 principles relates to them and how it is key to their long-term success.

You've mentioned your belief in diversification and tapping into the NAHREP community's expertise. How do you envision these efforts contributing to individuals' financial freedom?

Ricardo: NAHREP has professionals in all fields who can help you achieve all your financial planning goals and life goals. The NAHREP community has a foundation in Real Estate, but it expands beyond real estate to Certified Financial Planners, Stock Market Professionals, Tax Professionals, Life Insurance Professionals, and many other important aspects for diversification. The initial goal is homeownership, but once you have that first home, it’s critical to find other ways to create additional streams of revenue which can lead to financial freedom. Additionally, you want to protect your investments with proper planning and guidance. NAHREP brings all professions to your fingertips to allow you to diversify and grow your wealth and, more importantly, retain it for generations and allow you to leave a legacy.

Can you share a specific instance where Suntender Valuations' bilingual support made a significant impact on a client's experience?

Ricardo: A specific instance where Suntender Valuations’ bilingual support made an impact was when an appraiser needed help scheduling an inspection. The borrower did not speak English, and the appraiser did not speak Spanish. The Lender Client informed us of the situation. We looked to find a Spanish-speaking appraiser in the area, but due to limited appraisers, no Spanish-speaking appraiser was available. Once we assigned the appraiser to take on the order, I personally set up a three-way call with the appraiser and the Spanish-speaking borrower to translate the availability and schedule the inspection. On the day of the inspection, I was able to assist. Both parties were thrilled that we could facilitate and make this happen. Thanks to our bilingual support, all parties had a great experience, and the appraisal process was a success.

Homeownership is often viewed as a cornerstone of the American Dream. In your opinion, how does it contribute to creating economic wealth and financial stability?

Ricardo: In my opinion, it is 100% correct that homeownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream and contributes to creating economic wealth and financial stability. It's almost like a forced savings with significant tax benefits, appreciation advantages, and, most importantly, family stability benefits. The house is important firstly because it creates stability and comfort. If you are renting, you are paying 100% interest and don't have the assurance of not being moved out. By paying down your monthly mortgage, you are saving money and building equity. Even if the house doesn't appreciate in value, each monthly mortgage payment is contributing to equity, in addition to the tax benefit of owning your home. Whether the home appreciates or not, once you own the one home, you can refinance and pull cash out to buy a new primary residence or a rental property. At that time, you would have two assets working for you, creating an additional revenue stream that leads to further economic wealth and financial stability. It all starts with one house, and from there, you can create multi-generational wealth.

What advice would you offer to aspiring real estate professionals looking to establish themselves and make a positive impact?

Ricardo: The advice I would offer to aspiring real estate professionals looking to establish themselves and make a positive impact is to create relationships and look to help others, regardless of whether it directly benefits you. When you focus on helping others, great things happen. Moreover, you attract what you put out into the world. With a positive mindset, you will attract others with your infectious personality. Failure is part of the game; you will not always get the deal or have everyone on your side. However, when you have great intentions, the world will reward you. Focus on the joy you will experience when you assist a family in purchasing their first home.
You've emphasized the importance of family, faith, and making a positive impact. How do these principles guide your professional and personal journey?

Ricardo: The principles of family, faith, and making a positive impact are everything to me. My faith in Jesus Christ is unwavering, and I am forever grateful for all my blessings, both in hardships and times of abundance. People often hear my voicemail and ask what "G.I.G." stands for – it stands for "God Is Great." With my foundation in God, I know that anything is possible. My family is everything to me, and my sacrifices in life are meant to create a world for my family, my three children, and wife with endless opportunities, while understanding that our goal is to positively impact others. I am blessed to have an amazing wife who is intelligent, patient and supportive. We are thankful to the Lord for our blessings and understand that nothing is given in life; it must be earned.
Being positive and helping others are what I love to do. Creating positive connections among others is something I enjoy. Two years ago, I introduced a Latino contractor who has worked on various real estate projects for me to one of our Latino lender clients. Just last week, the Latino contractor purchased his first home with the Latino lender client. The married Latino contractor with two boys and a girl has now achieved their dream of homeownership. I believe that if you are blessed with knowledge in certain areas, it's because you should be sharing that knowledge with others to empower them, just as you have been empowered. I will continue to share my knowledge and empower as many people as possible. God bless, G.I.G.

Ricardo Peinado Jr.'s journey and commitment to financial freedom within NAHREP’s showcase the remarkable potential it holds for growth and transformation. As a dedicated member, he has harnessed his passion for real estate, championed Latino homeownership, and worked towards diversifying investments for a brighter financial future.

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