Greeting from Chairperson, Sara Rodriguez


Welcome to the Hispanic Wealth Project, where we are committed to empowering Latinos to fully participate and prosper in the U.S. economy through education, small business development and sustainable homeownership. The Hispanic Wealth Project is built on the premise that all Americans benefit by the economic well-being of our Latino community.  Our State of Hispanic Homeownership Report analyzes and evaluates population trends, educational achievements, income profiles and consumer attitudes as they relate to Hispanic homeownership. In 2015, we released our Hispanic Wealth Project Blueprint. The Blueprint, whose creation was chaired by the Honorable Henry Cisneros, outlines a business plan to triple Hispanic household wealth in the next ten years.  Join us in advancing the economic position of the Hispanic community in America.



The Hispanic Wealth Project is a non-profit 501c3 whose mission is to financially and educationally empower the Hispanic community in America.


Sustainable Homeownership

It has been shown that mentorship, outreach and counseling by trusted community advisors are the most successful in overcoming culture barriers to mainstream financial services participation.


Small Business Development

Fostering an environment of homeownership and entrepreneurship supports Latinos in building wealth and cycling that capital back to their communities.



Supporting financial literacy and the advancement of educational attainment is integral to open doors of opportunity to sustainable homeownership and wealth creation.