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Cultivating Wellness: Empowering Latino Communities for Health Equity

Gui Casoy, a Latino entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the Founder and CEO of Deizero. His company is committed to enhancing wellness among underserved communities through accessible, culturally-sensitive nutrition and wellness programs. Focused on reducing health disparities and obesity, Gui utilizes his extensive health-tech and community engagement experience to drive impactful, sustainable initiatives. Beyond his professional life, Gui is an avid surfer and cook, using these passions to foster community well-being and connectivity, further blending his personal interests with his professional mission. Wealth Stream News spoke with Gui to learn about his entrepreneurial journey.

Q: Please tell us about the origins of your venture. What was the motivation?
A: Our journey with Deizero began at a deeply personal juncture, merging our narratives with a collective vision for change. Ariel and I, both Latinos, found ourselves deeply affected by the health inequities prevalent in our community. This realization struck a chord, igniting a passion to address the lack of culturally relevant health and nutrition resources. Our paths converged after navigating the complexities of the health industry, including a stint at an obesity startup where we led pivotal teams. However, it was our shared experiences with weight loss and health struggles that propelled us forward. Ariel's remarkable journey, shedding 48 pounds in 10 months, was a testament to the possibilities amidst daunting statistics—like the alarming obesity rates among Hispanic adults. This awakening served as the genesis of Deizero, a platform dedicated to bridging the gap in accessible, culturally aligned wellness education tailored for underserved communities, starting with Latinos. Beyond a mere venture, Deizero represents our commitment to redefine wealth as health, paving the way for a legacy of equity in well-being.

Q: Why is healthcare for Latinos so important?
A: Healthcare for Latinos transcends the conventional lens—it's a multifaceted narrative woven with cultural, socioeconomic, and accessibility threads. Beyond tackling obesity and chronic diseases, it's about dismantling systemic barriers and nurturing a culture of preventive care deeply rooted in our rich heritage. Our mission at Deizero extends beyond individual health outcomes; it's a collective endeavor to rewrite the health narrative for future generations. As Latinos emerge as a significant demographic in the nation's fabric, addressing our health needs becomes paramount. Our well-being isn't just a personal concern but a societal imperative, crucial for the prosperity and sustainability of the nation. By fostering culturally sensitive health interventions, we not only empower individuals but also enrich the collective resilience of our communities.

Q: Describe the main milestones, opportunities, and challenges.
A: As we chart the trajectory of Deizero, our aspirations soar beyond conventional boundaries. Our roadmap includes expansive outreach to underserved communities, particularly those with substantial Latino representation across key industries. This journey is rife with opportunities to harness technology's transformative power in delivering personalized health solutions. However, it's not without its share of challenges. Sustaining user engagement and driving positive outcomes amidst diverse cultural landscapes pose formidable hurdles. Yet, with each challenge comes an opportunity for innovation and growth. Our unwavering commitment to our mission fuels our resolve to redefine health equity and leave an indelible legacy of wellness.

Q: What kind of partnerships do you think will help you succeed?
A: Meaningful partnerships form the bedrock of our journey at Deizero. Collaborating with Latino community organizations, corporations, and healthcare stakeholders amplifies our impact and deepens our understanding of community needs. By forging alliances with like-minded entities, we aim to tailor our programs effectively and broaden our reach. Additionally, partnerships with healthcare providers and domain experts enrich the comprehensiveness and efficacy of our services, propelling us closer to our vision of health equity. For instance, we've partnered with a food company—though I can't disclose the name—that offers a healthier alternative to dry pasta, which we provide to our new members. It's all about mutual support; they have a large Latino Employee Resource Group and genuinely care about their people.

Q: How do you approach investment capital? What sources are ideal for you at this and in future stages of your growth?
A: Securing investment capital for Deizero transcends financial transactions—it's about aligning with partners who share our mission and vision. Impact investors, venture capitalists with a healthcare focus, and community-driven funding initiatives are ideal sources for us. As we evolve, larger funding rounds will facilitate our expansion into new markets and the development of advanced services. Our participation in initiatives like LBAN’s Startup Accelerator at Stanford University underscores our commitment to breaking barriers and paving the way for future Latino entrepreneurs in the wellness sector.

Q: How do you define wealth?
A: Wealth, to me, encompasses the holistic well-being of individuals and communities—a tapestry woven with health, fulfillment, and abundance. True wealth isn't merely financial; it's about cherishing life's simple pleasures and nurturing meaningful connections. Embracing René Gerónimo Favaloro's ethos, genuine wealth emerges from equitable access to healthcare and concerted efforts to eliminate disparities. My personal journey, underscored by a newfound appreciation for life's moments, reflects this ethos—a legacy I aspire to leave behind.

Q: How would you like your legacy to be remembered?
A: I aspire to be remembered as a catalyst for innovation and a tireless advocate for health equity across all demographics. My journey with Deizero is not just about building a venture but igniting a movement—a legacy of empowerment and resilience that transcends generations and cultures.
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