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Maria Palacio: Empowering Colombian Coffee Farmers and Redefining Wealth with Progeny Coffee
Maria Palacio is co-founder of the highly successful and entrepreneurial Progeny Coffee.
Progeny is a L’ATTITUDE Ventures portfolio company that started as a Seed investment in the CPG sector.

Progeny is a sustainable coffee ecosystem that integrates local upskilling with technology to connect commercial and retail customers directly with the farmers of the coffee being consumed, thereby creating a novel and premium coffee experience with observable and measurable impact.

Palacio’s journey toward wealth traces back to her humble beginnings in Colombia, where the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown early in her childhood. "I believe my journey towards wealth began at a very young age," she reflects. "I come from a hardworking family in Colombia, and I remember only receiving gifts or clothes twice a year, on my birthday and Christmas." Palacio recounts how her father instilled in her the value of hard work, teaching her, "If you want something, you need to work for it." This ethos prompted her to start multiple businesses, from selling candy at school to designing jewelry and selling farm produce, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit from a tender age.

Transitioning from her Colombian upbringing to the fast-paced environment of New York City, Palacio encountered numerous challenges and opportunities along her wealth journey. "My main challenge with wealth was my fear and my relationship with it," she confides. "Growing up, I learned what it meant to have everything and then lose it all." Despite these hurdles, Palacio forged ahead, driven by a determination to redefine her relationship with wealth and carve her own path to success.

"A major milestone for me was when a major life challenge arose," Palacio reveals, "and I had everything in place to face it, including emergency savings, investments, and so on." This experience underscored the importance of financial preparedness and resilience, reinforcing her belief in the power of prudent financial management.

Palacio emphasizes the importance of understanding one's values and having a clear vision for life as essential tools for creating wealth. "I believe that understanding your values and having a clear vision for your life is crucial," she asserts. Drawing from her own experience, she encourages others to embrace financial literacy and investment opportunities, regardless of their starting point. "One pivotal moment in my personal finances was when I shifted my mindset from just earning a paycheck to looking at it from the perspective of managing my home like a company," Palacio shares. "This allowed me to become more intentional about my income."

Reflecting on her journey, Palacio acknowledges the lessons she wishes she had learned earlier. "I think from an early age, I learned to hustle, get my own things, fight for what I want," she muses. "But I wish I had learned earlier how to manage my wealth and invest it correctly." Despite this, Palacio remains steadfast in her commitment to empowering others on their wealth journey.

For Palacio, wealth transcends monetary abundance and encompasses the well-being of individuals and communities. "The definition of wealth can vary depending on where you are in the world and who you ask," she observes. "As a Latina living in this country, I define wealth as the quality of life I can provide for my family, the future I can build for my children, and the impact I can make in my community."

As Palacio looks towards her wealth legacy, she envisions a future where her impact extends far beyond herself. "Co-founding and running an impact-driven company with the mission to lift farmers out of poverty, I would like my legacy to be one where people can read my story and know that they, too, can achieve their dreams," she declares. Through her journey, Palacio exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurship and the potential to redefine wealth in terms of social impact and community empowerment.

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