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RealPut: Transforming Real Estate Careers with AI-Driven Talent Matchmaking
RealPut is revolutionizing the real estate industry's approach to career opportunities and talent acquisition. This innovative platform, designed specifically for real estate professionals, leverages advanced AI to seamlessly connect job seekers with potential employers. RealPut's core mission is to address the unique challenges of recruiting and job searching within the fast-paced, ever-evolving real estate sector.

The platform stands out by offering a more efficient, tech-driven solution to the traditional hiring process. Its AI-driven approach not only streamlines the matching of candidates with job opportunities but also ensures a higher degree of compatibility between employers' needs and applicants' skills and experiences. This precision in matchmaking is a game-changer, significantly reducing the time and resources typically spent on the hiring process.

RealPut's inception was driven by the real estate industry's growing need for a specialized talent marketplace. Recognizing the gap, founders Noah Dupree, Zach Castillo, and Mariana Castillo, who are experienced in both real estate and recruiting, sought to create a solution that addresses the industry-specific demands. The platform's design reflects an intimate understanding of these needs, offering features tailored to the dynamics of real estate careers.

For job seekers, RealPut offers a unique opportunity to find targeted, relevant job openings in the real estate sector. The platform's intuitive interface and AI-driven recommendations make it easier for professionals to discover roles that align with their career aspirations and skills. This targeted approach helps individuals in navigating their career paths more effectively within the real estate industry.

For employers, RealPut presents an invaluable resource in finding the right talent. The platform's AI algorithms can sift through a vast pool of candidates to identify those who best match the company's specific requirements. This not only streamlines the recruitment process but also enhances the quality of hires, ensuring that companies onboard individuals who can contribute significantly to their growth and success.

We had the opportunity to discuss this innovative AI-powered platform with founders, Noah Dupree and Mariana Castillo, who shared deep insights into RealPut's design and goals.

Can you elaborate on what inspired the inception of RealPut, and how your own experience in real estate influenced its development?"

Noah: I grew up in a family full of real estate agents and grateful to have watched my father build his own brokerage from the ground up. That is what really sparked my interest to jump into the talent acquisition side of real estate three years ago. Watching my father build his brokerage, he was always focused on recruiting, retaining, and coaching/training to drive more revenue. In my experience, teams and brokerages are forced to pay for multiple fragmented systems to attract and nurture talent to join their organization. They spend countless hours going through job applications and screening candidates who don't have the proper licenses or credentials that the team/brokerage is looking for. I have felt that struggle the past 3 years and I am excited to be a part of the development of the all in one solution for matching talent with organizations. By putting more emphasis on the matching process in the beginning, engaging both the talent and organizations, the right people will be matched with the right opportunities and increase team/brokerage retention. With a more streamlined recruiting process, real estate business owners will have more time to coach and develop the talent in their organization, driving more top line revenue.

Mariana: The inspiration between RealPut was that we wanted to solve a problem in our real estate world for recruiting into teams and brokerages. The process of recruiting into a team or brokerage has been one of many topics at masterminds, conventions and coaching. We know that matching talent with organizations is important for many reasons and we are passionate about this. RealPut assists in putting talent and organizations into business together. Real People with Real Organizations! The process is much like bumble- so think bumble meets LinkedIn for real estate professionals!

How does RealPut's AI technology specifically cater to the unique dynamics of the real estate job market?

Noah: We believe that AI will be a huge asset connecting talent with opportunities in the real estate industry. As Talent and Organizations create their profiles, they are prompted to provide information like their strengths, highest year of production, roles they are interested in, awards, languages spoken, the type of environment they have/are looking for and much more. This is the data we will use to train AI to match talent to different organizations.

What future developments or expansions do you foresee for RealPut in the evolving landscape of real estate careers?"

Noah: Our current focus is on connecting talent to opportunities in real estate teams/brokerages like a sales agent, transaction coordinator, inside sales agent, director of sales, receptionist, showing assistant, etc. As we continue to grow, we are exploring possibilities of matching talent with opportunities in mortgage, title, insurance, and other segments of real estate.

Mariana: We hope to eventually work with consumers to match them with real estate professionals based on their wants and needs.

RealPut is more than just a job board; it's a strategic partner for both real estate professionals seeking career advancement and organizations aiming to build strong, capable teams. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, RealPut's role in shaping the future of real estate careers becomes increasingly significant, marking it as a key player in the industry's ongoing transformation.
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