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Beyond Boundaries: Hispanic Homeownership, Wealth Strategies, and Policy Discourse at the 2024 NAHREP Homeownership and Wealth Building Conference
Embark on a transformative exploration of Hispanic homeownership, wealth creation, and policy trends at the 2024 NAHREP Homeownership and Wealth Building Conference in Washington DC, taking place from March 11-13. Navigate through the agenda here to discover a comprehensive set of panels, workshops, breakout sessions, and discussions on homeownership, wealth-building, and policy themes.

Homeownership Rates and Growth: Immerse yourself in the analysis of Hispanic homeownership rates and growth. Understand the factors contributing to commendable growth in owner households and delve into the net total accumulated over the years. Uncover the correlation between market conditions, external influences, and the trajectory of Hispanic homeownership.

Market Conditions, Affordability, and Wealth Building: Participate in in-depth discussions on the evolving real estate market, from the early heat of 2022 driven by record-low interest rates to the unprecedented rise in rates and the debate around evolving real estate commissions. Explore the impact on affordability and wealth-building within the Hispanic community. Learn about strategies to navigate these challenges and foster sustainable wealth accumulation through homeownership, entrepreneurship, and asset diversification.

Demographic Dynamics and Wealth Creation: Gain insights into the role of demographic dynamics in shaping Hispanic homeownership. Understand how the youthful Hispanic population, with a median age of 30, contributes not only to household formations and labor force growth but also to wealth creation. Explore the wealth-building potential within the demographic trends discussed at the conference.

Opportunity Markets, Challenges, and Policy Implications: Dive into sessions dedicated to emerging opportunity markets, while also addressing challenges faced in high-cost markets. Connect the dots between policy implications and the creative strategies employed by Latinos to overcome hurdles. The agenda will spotlight cities and regions, emphasizing the importance of policy in fostering sustainable homeownership and wealth-building.

Mark your calendar for the 2024 NAHREP Homeownership and Wealth Building Conference, where we unravel the complexities of Hispanic homeownership, wealth creation, and policy impacts. Engage with experts, explore data-driven insights, and contribute to crucial conversations on shaping the future of Hispanic communities in the United States. Secure your spot at the conference here to be an integral part of this transformative and empowering experience.
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