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Breaking The Glass Ceiling!
"Breaking the Glass Ceiling" seeks to address disparities of opportunity and empower Latinas to achieve upward mobility and foster wealth creation by sharing inspirational stories.

According to the National Women's Business Council, the country has over two million Latina-owned businesses, a more than 87% growth since 2007. Despite comprising 19% of the U.S. population, Latinos still face underrepresentation and stereotyping in various sectors, including media, where only 7% of workers are Latino, and a mere 3% are Latina. Latina enterprises play a vital role in bolstering the U.S. economy. Nevertheless, numerous aspiring Latina entrepreneurs, and even those who have already established businesses, remain uncertain about the available resources and pathways to initiate their ventures or take them to the next stage of growth.

The captivating collection of 22 stories in "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" introduces the reader to a diverse group of Latina trailblazers who have not only conquered adversity but have also paved the way for a brighter, more inclusive future. Several of the authors are NAHREP members including Neily Soto, Peggy Pratt, Rosemarie Diane Young, Janet Pagan, Claudia Inoa, Dana Cadena, Karol Lynch-Escobar, Adriana Gibson.

This eclectic group of twenty-one women, twenty of them Latinas, identified a pressing need for increased support, representation, and leadership. The inspiring stories include Johanna Quintana, a young Mexican entrepreneur who, at seventeen years of age, dared to cross the border on a wooden box and later became the founder and CEO of not one but two thriving businesses; now, she is creating jobs for hundreds of women in her community.

NAHREP’s Neily Soto grew up in the projects of Massachusetts, facing scarcity, yet she dared to dream. She became a real estate agent, developer, and investor, and now she is running for Council Woman in Massachusetts.

Wealth journeys can be inspiring. Pick up your e-book copy of "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" at https://a.co/d/7mARQu9.
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