HWP Blueprint Document


Since NAHREP’s founding more than 15 years ago, we have witnessed unprecedented housing cycles that have illustrated important linkages between housing and the overall economic status of Hispanics. As a trade association, we have largely aligned our policies and programs with a mission to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership as a goal unto itself. But the Great Recession and attendant housing crisis made clear that homeownership—and the loss of homeownership—have far broader implications for Hispanic wealth and for the capacity of the Hispanic community to fully participate in the American dream.

Our efforts have thus materialized not into an Hispanic housing project, but instead into “The Hispanic Wealth Project,” a bold plan to triple Hispanic household wealth during the next ten years. For most Americans—and for Hispanic Americans, in particular—homeownership and household wealth are interdependent elements of an “ecosystem” that includes employment, income, credit, savings and more. By understanding the dynamics within this ecosystem, we can continue to advocate for Hispanic homeownership through programs, policies and initiatives that not only propose direct outcomes, but also enhance the context for overall Hispanic economic progress.