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HWP Programs – Grow your Wealth Legacy
HWP has many ways to build your wealth strategy, network with like-minded members, and increase your financial literacy. Here is a summary of the programs and specific calls to action for getting involved.
Accredited investors who are interested in investing in start-ups can join the HWP Angel Community. This network is for sophisticated investors only who are members of NAHREP and will allow members of the network to invest in approved start-ups with as little as $5000.
HWP Angel Community
An online form to submit the company/companies seeking angel investing from the Hispanic Wealth Project Angel Community. Companies must be submitted by Investors, VC Funds, or other Angel communities. Founders or Co-Founders are not eligible to submit their own companies for consideration.
Pitch Application
NAHREP REACH Labs is the best way to connect with over 40,000 real estate and mortgage professionals. Use this platform to showcase technology and innovative solutions that benefit the real estate community. We are actively looking for startups, both PropTech, FinTech, REtech, or CREtech focused and generalist, who can help our NAHREP members be more effective and efficient. If you would like to explore presenting your product or service during one of our upcoming Innovation Showcases, please email your pitch deck and one-pager, and marketing materials along with how you can help REALTORS® to m.cossio@hwpfoundation.org. You can also become an INNOVATION SCOUT if you are well connected with PropTech and FinTech startup scene are savvy with search and enjoy finding great startups. Be part of our Innovation Scouts program and help source interesting startups for our Innovation Showcases.
The HWP Investment Clubs bring together individuals who are interested in investing and building wealth through real estate, the stock market, and venture capital opportunities. Apply to become a member of a local HWP Investment Club and join a community of individuals committed to reaching their financial goals and building wealth.
Investment Clubs
NAHREP 10 Certified Trainers are leaders and influencers within their communities and are helping friends, families and clients create a roadmap for economic prosperity and the building of generational wealth. The NAHREP 10 Certified Trainers program is designed to provide you both the platform and the tools to drive the NAHREP 10 forward and establish you as an expert on wealth building within your community. Take the first step to join our growing network and apply today.
Certified Trainers
The State of Hispanic Wealth Report benchmarks how Latinos are faring when it comes to wealth creation. The report analyses wealth-building activities and nuances ranging from real estate acquisition, entrepreneurial growth, savings, and the diversification of wealth through stock-based financial assets.
HWP Report
Support from partners provides HWP with the resources we need to carry out programs and initiatives that align with a proven strategy to empower Latinos and help close the Hispanic wealth gap. Contact m.cossio@hwpfoundation.org to explore partnership opportunities.
The major conference on Hispanic Wealth draws prominent speakers, experts, and thought leaders committed to advancing economic prosperity within the Hispanic community. Dedicated to fostering solutions that drive wealth creation, the symposium offers insightful discussions, impactful strategies, and meaningful connections, with a focus on turning ideas into action.
HWP Symposium
The Wealth Stream News editorial content hub brings the latest news, data, reports, stories, and insight on starting and scaling small businesses, access to capital and angel investing, and financial literacy initiatives that can help Latinos achieve greater wealth and help close the wealth gap. Read more at: https://hispanicwealthproject.org/wealth-stream-news.
Wealth Stream News
Outlook for 2024 Programs
Women Building Wealth Forum, University of San Diego,
5998 Alcala Park Way
San Diego, CA 92110

25, 2024
2024 NAHREP Homeownership & Wealth Building Conference
Washington, DC
11-13, 2024
San Diego, CA
12-15, 2024
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