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Join the NAHREP REACH Labs Innovation Showcase: A Spotlight on the Future of PropTech

The Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP) invites you to the NAHREP REACH Labs Innovation Showcase, April 2, 2024, 2:00 PM ET. This not-to-be-missed event will highlight the brightest Latino entrepreneurs in the PropTech sphere as they present their cutting-edge ideas designed to revolutionize the real estate industry. Witness firsthand the innovative technologies and disruptive solutions from visionary startups poised to transform how we interact with real estate. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the future of real estate unfold. Register now!

Among the promising companies taking the stage are RealPut and Gallus Insights, both of which have previously captivated audiences with their revolutionary approaches and have been featured on WSN. Joining them is Lien Library, a newcomer poised to make significant waves in the industry.

RealPut is leading the charge in transforming real estate careers with its AI-driven talent matchmaking platform. Tailored specifically for the real estate sector, RealPut leverages advanced AI to connect job seekers with ideal career opportunities, ensuring a perfect match between employers’ needs and candidates' skills. This innovative approach addresses the unique challenges of recruiting within the dynamic real estate market, offering a streamlined solution to the traditional hiring process. Learn more about RealPut’s transformative technology.

Gallus Insights is redefining data analysis in finance. Gallus Insights democratizes access to advanced analytics for mid-market firms, employing AWS and Snowflake technologies to convert complex data into actionable intelligence. This platform empowers companies to make informed decisions quickly, revolutionizing data management and strategic planning in finance. Discover how Gallus Insights is revolutionizing the industry.

Lien Library emerges as a game-changer, offering a streamlined platform for obtaining property lien information. Born from a desire to simplify and enhance the process for local governments, property owners, title companies, and more, Lien Library aims to make acquiring property debt or lien information as straightforward as getting an email. By leveraging advanced technology, Lien Library provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface that revolutionizes the lien search and settlement experience. Explore Lien Library's mission and vision.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the forefront of PropTech innovation. Register today to secure your spot at the NAHREP REACH Labs Innovation Showcase and be part of shaping the future of real estate.
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